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travel box fulfilled from Los AngelesOrdering your brochure just got easier. We’ve got a brand new design and new vendors to highlight in our company who have consistently shown our clients the time of their lives. I’d like to invite you to take advantage of some amazing travel options for this upcoming travel season by requesting our travel brochure. Simply contact us and we’ll drop it in the mail for you. It should reach you within 2-4 days depending on where you live.

The brochure package includes:

  1. Brochure and pricing for worldwide travel
  2. Vouchers for outings at most locations
  3. All inclusive packages or “on your own” packages
  4. Airline recommendations and package deals
  5. Chotchkies from some of our top vendors, such as a flashlight, a shot glass, a pocket knife and even a pair of binoculars!

When you get your travel package ordered online, we’ll go ahead and send it out for the price of shipping, $4.95. It will come in a nicely prepared box with a bow inside. We’ve gone to the ends of the earth to find you the greatest in travel services. If you live outside the continental US, you can still request your package be delivered to you but the cost will be $10.95 for international delivery from our LA fulfillment center. You’ll be glad you purchased, and if you’re close to Los Angeles you can expect it within 2 days. If you’re on the East Coast, you’ll probably get it within 4 days.

Thanks for stopping by and get your hands on the brochure.

Touring Ireland and Scotland in Luxurious Wonder

Welcome to Pocasirak Ousko Travel Agency! We’re happy to announce our new website. I’ve been working on some great new packages that I’d like to present to our past and present / future clients who are interested in our international travel packages. We’ve got some of the brand new destinations, including Irish luxury tours Scotland luxury tours that are absolutely marvelous. The way these packages are put together bring our clients to the very best in every aspect of the destination, including checking out the locals, visiting castles, golfing, fishing and just about any other fantastical destination in the world’s most beautiful tundra.

Ireland Tours in Luxury 2016


Our 2016 packages include fabulous chauffeur-driven bespoke tours of the country side as well as the city life in Ireland. You’ll enjoy some amazing Dublin entertainment and local destinations favored by our past visitors. These include the local pubs and best places to find vitals for the gullet not found anywhere else in the world, even at “Irish restaurants” abroad. So no matter where you’re coming from, whether the UK or other areas in Europe or from the United States, you’ve never had food like this. It’s one of the main attractions and memorable experiences for our guests and return guests. Not that interested in the cuisine? You’ll absolutely marvel at the untold beauty of some of the most amazing castles in the world. The timelessness will give you a sense that time has stood still for centuries, and you’ll place yourself right in the middle of one of these ancient marvels. While standing in the midst of Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin, you’ll wonder why you’d not traveled there sooner! Read this blog on Ireland and Scotland to learn more about some amazing opportunities.

Sights of the Irish and Scottish

Some of the sights you’ve seen in the most beautiful photos from around the world are most likely those of Ireland and Scotland. But if you could capture the feeling, touch, smell, tastes of the land, you might be able to start getting a small sense of the kinds of offerings you’ll see while in the land. There is no substitute to actually realizing the immense beauty of the land than that of standing on a cliff smelling the ocean wind blowing the smells of the sea to your nostrils as you stand in pastures of green grass atop massive cliffs. This is one of life’s most amazing wonders as we’re told from people who have been there. Contact us for more information!